Springtime is here and with warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine...and shorts, tank tops and flip flops. While it is exciting to get our spring wear out, trying them on for the first time of the season can be a bit of a let down. Pale, pasty limbs look out of shape and out of place — not exactly a confidence booster.

While hitting the gym and spending some time outdoors is healthy, it is not a short term fix. Don't you wish you could shape up, or at least look you have, in an instant? We may be able to help you out step out into spring with confidence.

A hit of color goes a long way in restoring body confidence, helping to hide flaws and keeping you from looking like you've been under cover for months. If you have tried our self tanners you know that a natural looking tan, minus the streaks and orange palms, is more than possible and now it is even simpler to achieve.

Lavera's Glow & Go Spray Self Tanner The latest addition to the Lavera Self Tanner line-up is Glow & Go Spray Self Tanner. It works just like it sounds - simply spray onto legs, arms and body, massage into skin and in few hours you will be glowing with subtle color. Glow & Go is a lighter consistency than the Self Tanner Lotion, but still provides moisture and is very easy to apply. Added bonus: a slight hint of shimmer that leaves skin glistening.

To help make application and results as even and consistent as possible, follow these simple guidelines:

Lavera Luffa-Jojoba Body Scrub Exfoliate prior to use — Shaving legs and using a body exfoliant on arms and other areas of the body will provide a smooth surface for an even tan.

Even application — Spread product evenly over skin in a smooth fluent motion, concentrating on one area (leg, arm, stomach) at a time. Use less product on elbows, knees and ankles.

Allow to dry — Wait 5 minutes or so before dressing to allow the product to dry.

Lavera Glow & Go Spray Self Tanner is made with 100% plant and sugar-based tanning agents, organic plant extracts and pure aloe vera. The fast, easy application and sun kissed glow will make this a spring and summer time staple.