For those with extremely sensitive or allergic skin searching for skin care that works well without irritating can be a major feat. Many products are too harsh and testing new items may be out of the question.

The key is to know what to avoid. Fragrance is a big issue for those with highly-reactive skin, as are certain essential oils.

Lavera Neutral line was created specifically for those with very sensitive and allergic skin. Extremely gentle and fragrance-free, these natural skin care products are mild enough for day and night time use. Neutral products provide effective skin care while soothing ingredients keep flare-ups in check. No redness, irritation or breakouts.

Neutral products are free from harsh chemical cleansers, petro-chemicals, propylene glycol and artificial colorants. Only the purest natural ingredients are used.

Lavera Neutral Skin for Extremely Sensitive Skin The line includes Neutral Cleansing Gel to remove dirt and makeup without drying the skin. Neutral Face Cream is rich and emollient, perfect for protecting fragile skin. Neutral Face Fluid is a lighter version of the cream, yet deeply hydrating to calm and heal. And try Neutral Toothpaste for mild yet effective cleansing that won’t irritate delicate skin around the mouth.

Both the Face Cream and Fluid contain Organic Evening Primrose Oil, rich in gamma linolenic acid, excellent in soothing eczema and other skin irritations.

Warmer weather may be peeking through, but for those with sensitive skin the pampering continues. Lavera Neutral skin care products offer consistently gentle and effective results for delicate skin.

All Lavera products are certified natural by the BDIH, contain certified organic ingredients and dermatologist approved. Neutral Cleansing Gel, Face Fluid and Toothpaste are all Vegan-approved.