Possibly the most misunderstood of skin care products, serums are an important step in maintaining healthy skin and preventing future damage. Serums are designed to cover a wide range of skin care situations, from lightening and brightening to supplying more moisture. Get in the know on the benefits of serums and you will wonder how you've been living without one.

What are serums?

Serums are a combination of highly concentrated ingredients designed to deliver healing nutrients that provide anti-aging benefits and leave skin soft and smooth. Plant and fruit extracts and essential oils treat skin issues like fine lines, sun spots, or acne. These potent ingredients strengthen connective tissues, improve elasticity, and help the skin to retain moisture. Serums also boost the hydrating power of your usual moisturizing product.

Who uses a serum?

Lavere Solution Lifting Serum Serums are designed for a range of skin types, ages and skin care issues. The concentrated ingredients in serums not only help to repair damage to the skin, but prevent further damage, so are perfect for all age groups.

Lavera offers two unique serums for different skin types and issues. Both specifically target fine lines and wrinkles — remember to pay close attention to around the eyes, upper lip, smile lines (labial folds) and forehead when using these products. HYDRO Lifting Serum provides mild exfoliation of dead skin cells with fruit acids and packs antioxidant protection. This light, yet powerful, serum can be used for all skin types but is particularly beneficial for normal to oily skin. It plumps and tones skin and evens out the complexion. Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way toward protection skin. In a 3 week test of 30 females with an average age of 33 years young, over 96% reported noticeably more elastic, moisturized, and firmer skin. Regular use of HYDRO Lifting Serum will grant a youthful, velvety-soft complexion.

SOLUTION Intensive Lifting Serum performs a bit differently. This serious skin care treatment provides moisture and nourishment to dry, stressed, or mature skin. The powerful ingredients in this serum control puffiness, brighten sallow complexion, and boost hydration. In a 3 week test of 30 females with an average age of 52 years young, over 93% said the Solution Intensive Skin Serum moisturized and nourished the skin, leaving it looking well cared for and regenerated. The Solution Serum also packs bearberry extract, which contains natural Arbutin, an ingredient that naturally lightens age and sun spots.

How do I use a serum?

Serums may be used day or night but are most-effective when applied day AND night. When used during the day, under makeup, serums provide all day support. When used as a restorative night time treatment, serums firm, brighten and leave skin satiny-soft.

Gently massage a small amount of serum into the face, neck, and décolletage. Allow 3-5 minutes for serum to absorb before applying day or night time moisturizer.

Including a nutrient-packed serum in your skin care regimen is an effective way to provide your skin with a dose of healthy, anti-aging ingredients.