While there are the four most common skin types oily/acne, dry/mature, sensitive, and normal/combination — none of us have cookie-cutter skin. You may have normal skin with an oily T-zone, or dry skin that is also sensitive, or oily skin that is sensitive...the list goes on and on.

The most important step in choosing your skincare is first determining exactly which products work for your skin. You may need to use a different moisturizer on your forehead, nose, and chin than on your cheeks and neck. Or maybe you have dry skin but require a cleanser with acne-fighting ingredients. Tailor-make your skincare to your individual needs.

Two very common issues are dry skin or oily/acne skin that is also sensitive. First, many women believe their skin to be sensitive when it may be a reaction to the toxic chemicals used to make conventional skin care. You may find that your sensitivity lessens, or even disappears, once you begin using natural skin care. You may also have sensitivity to certain ingredients. Look over your product labels and see if you can identify a common culprit.

FACES Calendula Cleansing GelAnother cause of irritation is often due to over-cleansing and drying out the skin. If you are concerned about breakouts you may be using too harsh a cleanser on your face, sapping the skin of moisture (even oily skin needs hydration), which results in over-production of oil and breakouts. In this case, a mild cleanser and light moisturizer usually works wonders.

My Age Night CreamJust because you love a couple of products from one line does not mean you have to use the entire line or can't substitute a product from another. You may love the FACES Calendula Cleansing Gel from the Normal/Combo line, with the Wild Rose Toner for balance, Calendula Balancing Cream on the T-zone, with MyAge Eye Cream and Night Cream for over-night. It is all about finding what works for YOU.

As Liz Thompson, beauty editor of Organic Beauty Source, stated in this month's issue of JAYE Magazine..."Your beauty drawer should be as individual as you are. I think many women make the mistake of using what their best friend uses on her skin, or their sister, or their favorite movie star. Use products that are suited to your individual skin type and issues. If you are uncertain what your type is, ask a professional. And you do not have to use all of the products from a line just because it matches your skin type." Lavera skin care is all natural and completely free from harmful chemical ingredients. Unsure of which products you need for your skin type or skin issues? Rebecca, can help - call her at 1.877.528.3727