Earth Day 2011Early in the 1960's Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day founder, set out to place environmental issues in the forefront of the political agenda. By 1970 momentum had built to the point that the first official earth day was declared. That year, Denis Hayes, an early supporter of the movement organized the first nationwide conference held in Seattle WA. The American people finally had a forum to express their concerns about what was happening to the land, rivers, lakes, and air. Support was wide spread, with over 20 million people participating in demonstrations across the country that year. Out of these events emerged what has come to be known as the environmental movement and the first environmental legislation - the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Earth Day is successful catalyst for ongoing environmental education, action and change and has become an important platform for addressing worldwide environmental concerns. Lavera shares the same commitment to environmental responsibility as those original Earth Day founders. Lavera organic cosmetics are made with safe and healthy ingredients. When we use nontoxic, natural products on ourselves we are also keeping toxic ingredients, pesticides and fertilizers out of our water supply and environment. So... our products benefit body and earth.

The result of Lavera's commitment proves that you can choose safe, non-toxic beauty and personal care products without compromising quality, style or performance. Our products use the latest in natural ingredients, processes and equipment. The result is light weight, long lasting products in the trendiest colors that smell fabulous and feel great on your skin! Our products meet the most stringent German cosmetics industry standards as well as certification requirements for Natural Cosmetics.

NaTrueBDHILavera products are made in Germany, in accordance with the strictest cosmetic guidelines as set forth by the BDIH and NaTrue certification organizations. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for gentleness and effectiveness, and we never use harmful synthetics. Our products are made with organic or wild harvest ingredients whenever possible, and include no GMOs. Our packaging is recyclable and minimalistic. And we never test on animals. Our products have received the highest ratingamongst 33 cosmetics companies by German consumer magazine Oeko-Test, which evaluates and ranks products for their safety and effect on health and the environment.

Lavera has also worked to protect the earth by adopting 15 acres of Brazilian Rainforest, and donates to local women's groups such as Eastside Domestic Violence Women's Shelter and the Cancer Lifeline. Lavera would like to encourage everyone to consider environmentally responsible product choices and to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!