Have your New Year's resolution yet? How about trying something new? It is good for your health, your looks, and the earth. Interested?

With Lavera's New Trend makeup line you will not know which new product to try first. The creamy mineral eyeshadows in gorgeous hues...lovely lipsticks in so many colors to choose from...or how about a mineral bronzer to add some glow to your complexion?

Yes, we have reformulated our organic makeup products, making them even greener and healthier. We even decided to offer you more colors and options while we were at it. And here is how:

  • Our gorgeous new packaging uses less material in order to be more eco-friendly
  • All of our new mineral and compact powders, eyeshadows, liquid foundations, lipsticks, lipglosses and makeup removers are now certified 95% organic — just look for the NaTrue 3 star logo!
  • We have replaced talc with organic rice powder, better suited to sensitive skin. All our makeup is Paraben-Free, Heavy Metal-Free, Talc- Free, Gluten-Free and is dermatological and ophthalmological tested for sensitive skin

Now let's talk about where to begin:

If you love Lavera's original Volume Mascara, its still available, but you now have three new choices — the Long Lash, Intense Volume, and Double Black Mascaras - improved with Silk for even more volume, and Camelina oil for longer-lasting, deep black color.

An easy way to incorporate color into a neutral scheme is with eyeliner and mascara. These two are not quite as bold as lipstick or eyeshadow but still create a bit of drama. If you are used to basic black, brown mascara and eyeliner adds a softer touch. You can also jazz things up and go with blue.

Or be brave and switch up your palette. If you usually stick to earth tones, try new Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in Chocolate Brown. Still a neutral, but edgy enough to add subtle glam. Feeling a little more adventurous? Opt for Dreamy Pink or Forest Green Eyeshadows. Vibrant colors, both work on all skin tones. Here is how to wear these two hot colors:

  • Dreamy Pink — Blend shadow to crease and leave top half of lid bare, or use Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in Lily White to highlight. Perfect with brown eyeliner and mascara. Finish the look with pale pink lipstick, like Beautiful Lips Lipstick — Rose Kiss.
  • Forest Green — Go for soft brown or grey eyeliners with this intense color, or simply outline eyes with the shadow before applying to lids. Blend shadow out and up. Going neutral with the rest of the face will keep the spotlight on eyes. Mineral Sun Glow powder lends instant, natural bronze to skin. Beautiful Lips Lipstick — Brown Sugar is the perfect compliment.

For the lipstick lover, a simple look for eyes (light shadow and a swipe of mascara) paired with a more intense lip is an easy way to switch up your look. Try Beautiful Lips Lipstick — Maroon Kiss or Deep Red.

If you are happy with your original Lavera makeup products and are not interested in making any big changes, here is how to get the benefits from our new greener makeup line and keep your color regimen as is.

If You Like
Silver Packaging
You'll love - NEW TREND Equivalent
36003 - Tinted Moisturizing Cream - Transparent 21001 - Tinted Moisturizing Cream - Natural
36014 - Make-Up Fluid Light #1 21006 - Natural Liquid Foundation - Ivory #2
36008 - Make-Up Fluid Natural #1 21007 - Natural Liquid Foundation - Honey #3
36009 - Make-Up Fluid Natural #2 21008 - Natural Liquid Foundation - Almond #4
36021 - Compact Powder - Silk #1 21018 - Mineral Compact Powder - Cool Ivory #1
36025 - Powder Rouge - Bronze #2 21024 - Mineral Powder Rouge-Shimmering Rose Light #1
36160 - Lipstick - Light Pink #14 21041 - Beautiful Lips - Rose Kiss #1
36169 - Lipstick - Coral #23 21042 - Beautiful Lips - Peach Amber #2
36165 - Lipstick - Dark Berry #19 21043 - Beautiful Lips - Berry Violet #3
36166 - Lipstick - Terracotta #20 21044 - Beautiful Lips - Deep Red #4
36173 - Lipstick - Chestnut #27 21045 - Beautiful Lips - Red Berry Charm #5
36168 - Lipstick - Peach #22 21046 - Beautiful Lips - Sunset Orange #6
36167 - Lipstick - Shell #21 21047 - Beautiful Lips - Golden Kiss #7
36171 - Lipstick - Rose #25 21049 - Beautiful Lips - Maroon Kiss #9
36068 - Cream from Eyeshadow Duo #2 21060 - Mineral Eyeshadow - Lily White #1
36069 - Sand from Eyeshadow Duo #3 21061 - Mineral Eyeshadow - Golden Beige #2
36069 - Mocha from Eyeshadow Duo #3 21067 - Mineral Eyeshadow - Chocolate Brown #8

Purchase $50 or more of the Lavera Organic Cosmetics and receive $5 off your order. Use promo code NEWYEAR11 at checkout to receive your discount. Offer expires Jan 31, 2011.