To brighten tired eyes:

Banish dark circles around the eye area with Lavera Liquid Concealer. Apply sparingly with a light patting motion, and choose a shade exactly matching your skin tone. Don't be tempted to try a shade lighter than your complexion - it will only draw attention to the area. For treatment and coverage in one, blend a little concealer with LAVERÉ Ultimate Eye Cream before applying. Complete your wide awake look with Lavera Eyeliner; apply to the top lash line only, keeping as close to the lashes as possible. Finally, use a finger pad to gently press a tiny amount of shimmery white or beige eye shadow, try Lavera Eye Shadow Duo No.2 or No. 3, into the innermost corner of your eye. It will make your peepers 'pop'!

To illuminate dull skin:

Give lackluster skin an instant glow with Lavera Tinted Transparent Moisturizer. Use in place of your usual moisturizer, or following, if you have very dry skin. Follow with Lavera Rouge; it lends dull complexions a warm, rosy bloom. Apply with a large fluffy brush anywhere the sun would naturally catch your face: cheekbones, temples and the bridge of your nose.

For fuller looking lips:

Use a flannel to gently buff dry, dead skin cells from the lips' surface and boost blood flow. Then massage in a small amount of LAVERÉ Lip Expert, to plump lips and provide an even base for lip color. Stick to a light shade of Lavera Lipstick for the fullest effect, as darker shades draw the lips in, making them appear smaller. Finish with a slick of Lavera Lip Gloss for high shine and extra volume.

To banish blemishes:

Begin by treating the area with a dab of Lavera Faces Young & Acne Blemish Stick, to help heal skin and conceal redness. Follow with a light application of Lavera Tinted Transparent Moisturizer for light and even coverage, and set with a light dusting of Lavera Loose Powder.

To hide a troubled area:

Draw attention away from e.g. a blemish or uneven lips by playing up your most beautiful feature such as your eyes or lips.