Winter months can make for dry, irritated, unhappy skin. If you are looking more dull or red than bright and radiant you may need to take a closer look at which products you are using. More specifically… your moisturizer.

Supplying skin with proper hydration and protection is essential in maintaining soft, smooth skin. Skin requires both moisture from water and oils to stay healthy and youthful. Most often dryness in younger skin is caused by dehydration, while more mature skin may be dry due to lack of oil.

Skin lacking moisture usually appears tight and dry and needs rich hydration. Hyaluronic Acid in Young FACES Mint Moisturizing Face Fluid locks in moisture and supports collagen renewal. A moisturizer packed with hydrating Aloe vera gel, like FACES Aloe Vera Night (Protection) Cream, is another effective option.

FACES Wild Rose Moisturizing Cream Skin with an oil deficiency may appear flaky, rough or irritated. Organic plant oils are a pure and effective way to supply skin with natural oils. Rich oils of Rosehip, Sweet Almond or Jojoba are easily absorbed by skin and super gentle. FACES Wild Rose Moisturizing Day Cream and Basis Night Cream (Protection) offer rich hydration from natural plant oils.

If skin is lacking in both moisture and oils it may appear taut and flaky. To help combat this situation a combination of a facial hydrating mist, like SOLUTION Facial Mist, along with an oil-rich moisturizer provides both water and oils to skin.

SOLUTION Facial Mist For daytime you will want your moisturizer to not only hydrate, but provide a canvas for makeup. Tinted Moisturizer is a great alternative if you feel your regular makeup regimen is leaving skin looking parched.

Nighttime treatments are very beneficial in hydrating and healing upset skin. If you are prone to breakouts you may want to apply a heavier treatment only every 2-3 nights.

And don't be afraid to mix it up. If you feel that your T-zone is too oily for a rich moisturizer, use a lighter product on that area and douse cheeks and neck with a heavier product. Or maybe you need to apply a thicker treatment around your nose and mouth at night to avoid irritated areas. Experiment until you find what works best for you.

Taking an essential oil supplement, like Flax or Fish Oil capsules and drinking lots of filtered water are essential in keeping skin healthy. Providing extra care to your skin this season will get you back on track and balanced.

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