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Getting kids started early on oral care is very important in maintaining their overall health. And we all know that good habits start young.

But with so many toothpastes lining the shelves today it can seem impossible to muddle your way through them. It seems each label promises whitening, tartar control, cavity prevention, and the list goes on, when all we really want is a safe and gentle toothpaste for our tots.

Most conventional toothpaste contains a range of unhealthy ingredients that you really do not need for healthy teeth and gums. Flouride is added to everything from toothpaste and mouthwash, to soda and drinking water. This practice began in the 1950's in an effort to decrease the frequency of dental decay, but it comes with unwanted negative effects.

Fluoride is a toxic substance which accumulates in the bones over time. Fluoride is thought to possibly aggravate acne and other skin conditions, weaken the bones, and has been linked to certain forms of cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is also commonly used in conventional toothpaste to cause the foaming action, which manufacturers believe gives that extra clean feeling. You actually do not need this foam to get teeth and gums clean, and you certainly do not need the SLS. SLS is not only a skin irritant, but is absorbed into the body and certain organs, causing possible health risks. Scientists believe it is especially concerning when used by children.

Many toothpastes contain artificial colors and fragrance to entice children into using them. Go to the dentist and your child will most likely come home with a tube of bright blue, bubblegum flavored toothpaste with sparkles. Sparkles?! These pretty colors and fancy flavors are made up of synthetic ingredients and sugars, are completely unhealthy and unnecessary, and most children don't really even care to use them once the novelty wears off. Would you want to start your day with a mouthful of bubblegum flavored goop?

The good news is - you don't need all of those nasty chemicals to keep your children's teeth and gums healthy. And you don't need the silly colors or flavors to get them to use it. Once they taste the mild berry flavor in Lavera Strawberry/Raspberry Toothpaste, they will be hooked and the healthy ingredients can do their job.

We make Lavera Strawberry/Raspberry Toothpaste, designed especially for babies and children, without fluoride, sugars, SLS, or artificial colors. Instead we have added Silica and Dead Sea Salt for super gentle, yet effective cleansing. Organic Calendula is soothing to tender gums.

This product is also vegan and safe to swallow. Apply a small amount to a children's size toothbrush or finger brush, and gently massage teeth and gums two to three times per day.

You will love the natural-ness of our Strawberry/Raspberry Toothpaste, and your kids will love the flavor...and that it is just for them.

Summer Savings, SLS Free Natural Toothpaste Sale - 15% Off. Ends Labor Day September 5th, 2011. Prices already marked down!