The skin surrounding the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, therefore it is one of the first places we notice signs of aging. Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are also common concerns. Puffy eyes are often the result of too little sleep or poor circulation, and dark circles may indicate low energy or a nutritional deficiency.

Eating a balanced diet, avoiding food and drink high in salt, sugar and caffeine, and drinking plenty of water are good ways to combat these problems. Additionally, using the proper eye cream can smooth, brighten, reduce puffiness and prevent further damage.

Eye treatment products that improve circulation and contain natural firming properties are the next step in dealing with these issues. Gel and cream eye products are designed for specific skin care needs. Selecting the proper treatment for your skin type is key. Follow the guide below for help in choosing the eye treatment that is right for you.

LAVERE HYDRO Cool Eye Roll-OnNormal/Combination Skin: A gel is perfect for treating dark circles and puffiness in normal skin types. HYDRO Energy Cool Eye Gel Roll-On is a hydrating serum that penetrates instantly and lends a cooling sensation. The sleek roller-ball applicator makes for even distribution. Eyes look youthful and feel refreshed.

Oily/Acne: Though oily skin may be a little more high-maintenance, fine lines and wrinkles are usually less of an issue for those in this category. HYDRO Energy Cool Eye Gel Roll-On works to reduce the appearance of dark circles and control puffiness with light, cooling hydration. This easy to apply and highly absorbent serum instantly smoothes and brightens the eye area.

LAVERE SOLUTION Eye Cream (POWER EYE GLOW) Dry/Mature: As the skin ages it becomes drier and more vulnerable to wrinkling. To reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help prevent further damage, use INTENSIVE Eye Cream for dry skin in those 35+. This cream is richly hydrating yet creates a smooth canvas for makeup. Eyes are firmed and revitalized. For those 45+, SOLUTION Eye Cream is the perfect eye treatment for you, designed to treat aging skin with antioxidant and restorative benefits. Delivers moisture, smoothes fine lines, brightens skin and reduces puffiness — all with a smooth finish.

LAVERE INTENSIVE Eye Cream Sensitive: For those with sensitive skin, INTENSIVE Eye Cream provides gentle care and nourishment. Leaves delicate skin hydrated smooth and bright. Mild enough to use as a night time treatment. For sensitive skin that requires lighter hydration opt for FACES Wild Rose Eye Gel, a lighter daily treatment for eyes.

LAVERE Ultimate Eye Cream When applying eye treatment use a gentle tapping motion and avoid the lash line. All products are created for day and night time use.

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