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    10 Ways To Look Great This Summer

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    Check out the ultimate list for a chic summer look with LoveTrueNatural!

    6 Tips to Stay Fresh & Cool This Summer

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    Here are a few simple things you can do during the hot summer months to keep you and the skin you're in feeling cool and refreshed

    Summer's essential elements - sun, wind, pool, beach - are all part of the fun. They are also the main reasons for dry, dull, unmanageable hair this time of year.

    If you are battling the summer hair blahs Lavera Mango Milk Hair Treatment will rescue your tresses and restore them back to good health. Mango Milk…doesn't that just sound refreshing?

    Lavera Mango Milk Hair Treatment is a thick and rich...

    Create Your Own Custom Skin Care Regime

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    While there are the four most common skin types oily/acne, dry/mature, sensitive, and normal/combination — none of us have cookie-cutter skin. You may have normal skin with an oily T-zone, or dry skin that is also sensitive, or oily skin that is sensitive...the list goes on and on.

    Self Tanners Also Need Protection

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    Its important to note that Lavera self tanners do not protect against the damaging effects of the sun. That's the job of Lavera's sunscreens. Lavera uses 100% natural mineral pigments to deliver effective UV-A, B and C protection in the SUN product line.

    Serums and Eye Care - LAVERÉ, MyAge, & FACES

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    So far in our anti-aging series we have covered moisturizer, peels and masks, and even bronzers. Last week we talked about all that the SOLUTION Anti-aging line has to offer mature skin. But what about the true heavy-hitters in our anti-aging line up? The ones that specifically target fine lines and wrinkles. Those products that provide the extra boost we are looking for in an anti-aging line.

    Organic Anti-Aging Moisturizers

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    Anti-aging skincare is a popular topic. Whether you are interested in warding off signs of premature aging or need help preventing further damage, women of all ages reach for these products.

    But with so many products covered in anti-aging claims you may not know where to begin. Do all anti-aging products, and ingredients, work the same? What about your age? Skin type? Concerns?

    Get that "Back from Vacation" Look

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    It's mid-winter and this is the time of year when your skin is looking a shade too pale. See other vegan products by LaveraYou want a healthy looking tan but know how dangerous the sun's UV rays and tanning beds can be for your skin. You'll be pleased to know there's a safe, natural and fabulously scented alternative to achieve that perfect tan! Two of these ingredients, vegetable-derived DHA (Dihydroxyactone) and the sugar agent...

    New Trend Color Comparison Chart

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    Silver Packaging NEW TREND Equivalent 36003 - Tinted Moisturizing Cream - Transparent 21001 - Tinted Moisturizing Cream - Natural 36014 - Make-Up Fluid Light #1 21006 - Natural Liquid Foundation - Ivory #2 36008 - Make-Up Fluid Natural #1 21007 - Natural Liquid Foundation - Honey #3 36009 - Make-Up Fluid Natural #2 21008 - Natural Liquid Foundation - ...

    Mineral Powder and Blush, The Naturally Flushed Look

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    A healthy glow is one thing - but no one wants a shiny complexion. Using powder blush and facial powder this summer will provide a natural look and cut down on the glare factor.

    Our skin may have a glow of its own this season, but a touch of the right makeup will give a refined look with little effort. Lavera Mineral Powder creates a matte surface and extends the wear of eye makeup and blush. Choose from either compact, in two shades, or loose powder.

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