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Fight the Signs of Aging, Naturally

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If you think the only way to look youthful is to inject yourself with chemicals and douse yourself in synthetic preservatives, think again. There are plenty of natural solutions for every skin issue to prevent and protect, from fine lines and wrinkles to dryness, dullness, dark spots and skin thinning. By adopting an anti-aging skincare regimen in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, achieving a radiant complexion is absolutely attainable.

What Are the Safest Facial Self‐Tanning Lotions?

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What Are the Safest Facial Self‐Tanning Lotions?

A nice summer glow definitely helps to freshen up pale winter skin. No need to go the route of UV damaging tanning beds or toxic spray tans. Natural facial self-tanning lotions are the healthiest option.

Facial self-tanners have come a long way since the orange, streaky products of a decade or two ago. This quick and inexpensive alternative is becoming a big favorite amongst those looking for a safer tan. It is important to keep in mind that not all tanners are safe.

Makeup During and After Chemotherapy

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Cancer is always a very difficult thing to go through. With harsh treatments, serious surgeries, and the hope that keeps you fighting, you deserve a little something to make you feel at your best! Lavera offers a whole line formulated for those with sensitive skin. Liz, from Organic Beauty Source speaks about her mother's journey and the products that let her feel like the beautiful woman she is!

How to Apply Rouge

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Apply the rouge between the hairline and cheeks. To begin at the far end of the cheek bone, apply the rouge in one stroke down gently and run out to leave the temples. So the distinctive shape of the face looks softer.

Everything starts with the Concealer. It easily clears away not only the shadows under the eyes, but also enlightens the eyelid and the nose quickly from dark spots. Selectively apply and pat in gently with a fingertip of the ring finger. Warm hands blend better with the texture of the skin - the same goes for makeup.

The Right Skin Care for Your Skin Type

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If you love the idea of buying your skin care online, but don’t want to miss out on the kind of one on one consultation you get when shopping in a store, here's some helpful skin care regime advice and top product picks from loveTrueNatural! We have teamed up with our top esthetician to produce a complete, online skin care analysis and prescription, whatever your skin type, making it easy to get just the right products and treatments to keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing!

ABC News exposes the Dangers of Spray Tanning

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ABC News exposes the dangers of Spray Tanning - DHA as a tanning agent was approved by the FDA for external use - ie a lotion. Spray Tanning creates the possibility of inhaling DHA and other tanning ingredients.

Natural Anti-aging Ingredients

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We would all like to put off signs of aging as long as possible. And there are actions we can take toward looking and feeling our best as we age.

Recent studies show that even though our bodies decline in certain ways as we get older, disease and deterioration can be minimized. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can have a positive effect on our aging processes and over-all well being.

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet of fresh, organic foods with plenty of filtered water. Limiting caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, and avoiding smoking will also keep the body healthy and skin looking younger. Of course, adequate exercise, sleep and stress management are all key to a healthy mind and body.

The days of laying out in the sun for hours on end are long behind us.

As awareness of the dangers of sun exposure has increased, most of us now apply sunscreen to protect our skin when outside. But even so, many Americans, especially the young, are still heading out to use tanning beds in an effort to be fashionably tan — exposing themselves to unsafe UV rays from lamps as well as the sun. This is in direct opposition of the FDA and CDC recommendations for avoidance of any tanning bed use. So what should a skin-conscious person do?

It has been said that the greatest amount of damage done by UV rays is that received before age 20. Research definitely indicates that over exposure to the sun's UV rays during childhood significantly increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

The teen years see the most high risk sun exposure. Out of parent's watch, and insistence of sunscreen usage, teens are much more likely to get sunburns and sun damage. And this is not only happening at the beach and pool, but tanning salons too...

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