Summertime elements: sun, chlorine, sand, and salt all take a toll on skin. Time spent outdoors depletes skin of moisture, resulting in dryness and roughness. Dry, rough skin not only looks less healthy, but older too.

You can enjoy summer fun and keep skin healthy and beautiful; all you need is the right summertime skincare regimen. What is the best way to revitalize summer-weary skin? Lavera Body SPA Products are the answer to parched skin!

Bath GelsStart off by replenishing your skin with Lavera's Body SPA Shower Gels and Lotions. Chemical bath gels deprive your skin of its natural moisture barrier. However Lavera organic bath gels cleanse gently without stripping away natural oils keeping skin soft and supple. Made with mild cleansers, Lavera's SPA Body Show Gels refresh and tone the skin while removing dirt and impurities.

Body ScrubsThe best way to get skin silky smooth is with a mild exfoliant. Indulge skin further with Lavera Body SPA Scrubs. A couple times per week, apply a quarter size amount of Body Scrub and gently, using a circular motion slough dead skin cells and peeling skin off.

Body LotionsAfter toweling off, re-hydrate skin by applying your favorite Lavera Body SPA Lotion. All natural and organic ingredients help replace moisture lost by being out in the sun. Each of the six-summer fresh scents individually hydrates, restores elasticity and luster, softens and calms dry skin; plus they smell delicious!

Bath SaltsGoing barefoot and wearing sandals during the summer can make our feet calloused and dry. Use Lavera Body SPA Bath Salts to help your feet and dry skin look their best. Soaking in a tub of bath salts helps softens calloused skin and aids in exfoliation. Lavera Body SPA Bath Salts combine Fleur De Sal and coarse-grained sea salt crystals with natural essential oils for the ultimate in luxury. Simply add Bath Salts to running water and enjoy. You can also use a pumus at this time; you will have soft feet for days!

DeodorantsFinish your bath time routine with Lavera Body SPA Natural Deodorants. Natural deodorants actually provide longer lasting odor control than the synthetic variety and you can feel good knowing only healthy ingredients are applied to your skin. Lavera soft roll-on deodorant is aluminum and alcohol-free and will not clog pores or irritate the skin. Lavera Spa deodorants minimize perspiration and absorb wetness with natural bamboo and cotton fibers. Bamboo has proven antibacterial properties to help combat odor, and its soft, smooth composition makes it an ideal ingredient for sensitive skin.

Either choose your favorite fabulous scent or pick the product for your specific need. For anti aging choose Orange-Sea Buckthorn, for inflammation use Lavender-Aloe or Wild Rose. Milk & Honey and Vanilla Coconut are strong re-hydrators for extremely dry skin. For antiseptic, astringent properties use Vervain-Lime, (great for teenage boys; as I speak from experience!) The Lavera Body SPA line is made with pure plant extracts, organic ingredients and all-natural fragrances for the finest at-home spa experience.