Since the eyes are one area that show signs of aging first, it is important to treat them with intensive care and SOLUTION Power Eye Glow Intensive Eye Cream does just that. This concentrated treatment for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes is full of healthy ingredients leaving the eyes refreshed, bright and younger looking. Antioxidants are super-heroes when it comes to fighting free radicals, preventing and reversing damage, and can be found in certain natural ingredients.

Here are a few of the heavy hitters when it comes to providing powerful anti-aging eye care ingredients found in LAVERÉ SOLUTION Power Eye Glow Cream.

Argan Kernel OilArgan Kernel Oil:
The ever popular argan oil is at the helm of this eye care products ingredient line-up and for good reason. Argan oil is gentle to skin, packs anti-aging and restorative benefits and is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin C. It is also very hydrating but absorbs quickly into skin, so won't travel into eyes. Argan oil is deemed by many a super-ingredient when it comes to skin care. This is due to its anti-aging and restorative benefits which come from high levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E. It protects skin from premature aging, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. The oil also contains phytosterols (naturally-occurring plant alcohols) which brighten and boost radiance in skin. All argan oil used in Lavera products is certified organic.

Hyaluronic acid:
Stored in the corneous layer of the skin, hyaluronic acid, regulates your skin's water reserves and can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. Levels of our naturally occurring hyaluronic acid slowly decrease with age, reducing the amount of moisture skin is able retain. LAVERÉ products use a natural, non-animal source of hyaluronic acid to bring a surge of moisture to skin, boosting firmness and helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Bearberry plantBearberry plant:
Arbutin, a safe alternative to toxic bleaching agents, comes from the leaves of the Bearberry plant. This naturally-derived skin lightener works by inhibiting excessive melanin production, decreasing hyper-pigmentation and reducing the appearance of scars, age spots and redness. Arbutin can be found in all products in the LAVERÉ SOLUTION line.

Coenzyme Q10:
Plays a key role in the mitochondria, the powerplant of the cells. It increases cell renewal and also has protective functions and serves as an anti-oxidant against free radicals. Works to repair your skin's healthy radiance.

Carrot Root ExtractCarrot Root Extract:
SOLUTION Power Eye Glow Cream also contains carrot root extract, a valuable ingredient in caring for mature skin. It adds tone and elasticity to the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in antioxidants.

Ceramide 3:
Mimics lipids naturally present in skin, helping to boost moisture levels. Ceramide 3 reinforces the natural lipid barrier of the skin, allowing deeper penetration of hydration. It strengthens and protects the skin in an identical way to its own barrier defenses.

Brown Algae ExtractBrown Algae Extract:
Collagen boosting Brown Algae Extract activates the production of your body's own collagen levels naturally. Improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, softening the look of lines and wrinkles.

All Lavera skin care products are made with pure, natural ingredients and are toxin-free. The LAVERÉ line is specifically formulated with anti-aging ingredients to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging skin. You will see immediate results with the SOLUTION Power Eye Glow. Use in the morning for hydration and to create the perfect canvas for eye makeup. This product is nourishing enough to use as a night time treatment, too. Eyes look younger, brighter and more awake in the morning.