Remembering to apply hand cream in dry winter months is easy, when hands are cracked and sore. But your digits require special attention when the weather is warm, too. Sun, surf, and daily cleansing all take their toll on hands.

A rich, moisturizing cream applied after washing and at night will help keep the skin on hands soft, smooth and young-looking. Hand creams containing emollient plant oils and anti-inflammatory ingredients pamper hard-working hands, and protect nails and cuticles.

Hand_Cream_Orange_Sea_Buckthorn Lavera Body Spa Hand Cream packs Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to hydrate and repair dry skin. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this light formula is easily absorbed, leaving behind no greasiness. Skin drinks in the healthy ingredients while the luscious scents delight the senses. Comes in mouth-watering Orange-Sea Buckthorn, and delicately scented Wild Rose.

Lavera's BODY EFFECT Hand Cream SPF 5 Because the thinner skin on our hands is actually one of the first places to show signs of aging, Lavere BODY EFFECT Hand Cream SPF 5 takes hydration one step further. Sure, the healthy dose of Shea and Shorea butters with natural oils of Olive, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba give thirsty hands a power-boost of moisture. But this super-charged hand cream doesn't stop there. Caffeine helps to plump up and tighten the skin, Citrus extracts and Sea salt even skin tone and diminish the appearance of sun spots. But the true anti-aging benefits come from Arbutin. Arbutin, naturally derived from the Bearberry plant, inhibits excessive melanin production. This reduces the appearance of spots, redness and scarring (which tend to darken on hands with time). Added SPF 5, to protect skin from the sun's damaging rays, is the cherry on top.

Lavera's Basis Hand Cream If it is whole family care you are after, Basis Hand Cream it is. This rich, protective hand cream is perfect for dry hands, elbows, and even feet — yet gentle enough for the youngest members of the family. Hydrates with pure plant oils, while a healthy dose of Calendula and Chamomile soothe and calm.

And there are those amongst us whose hands are as fickle (or even more so) as the skin on our face. For delicate digits try Neutral Hand Cream with Evening Primrose. Designed for those with extremely sensitive or allergic skin, Neutral products are Hypo-Allergenic, Fragrance-free, and Dermatologist recommended.

Pick your product, apply regularly, and your hands and nails will stay healthy and looking terrific.