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    Introducing the Sun Safety Coalition

    True Natural is one of seventeen sunscreen brands that have banded together to support the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and its new Sun Safety Campaign: Practice Smart Sun™. The goal of the campaign is to raise public awareness about the dangers of excessive sun exposure and provide practical guidelines for sun safe behavior.

    All natural beauty and body products have come so far in providing women, and men, with quality and chemical free alternatives. ELLE recognizes the advancements in the natural beauty industry showcasing the best of the best. Not only did we have our True Natural Caribbean Coconut Sunscreen featured, but the Lavera Self Tanning Lotion was recognized as well!

    The True Natural Caribbean Coconut Sunscreen has subtle scent created from the natural goodness of aromatic coconut oil. The NEW Vegan and gluten free formula is 100% mineral based, biodegradable and the perfect everyday option to keep you protected from UVA and UVB rays!

    The Caribbean Coconut scent from aromatic Coconut Oil is sweet and subtle and safe for sensitive skin. This gentle, Alcohol free, and all natural mineral based formula provides an instant shield against damaging UVA and UVB rays for the face and body - reducing the risk of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Biodegradable, gluten-free and vegan - its the perfect choice for you, your family and the environment.

    Best Gluten-Free Sun Protector: True Natural Caribbean-Coconut Sunscreen Lotion.

    For more than 25 years, New Hope Natural Media has been the leading media resource and information provider for the natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle products industry. Our publications, events, e-business products and services deliver industry information and provide community-building forums that connect you to your next customer. In print, we offer the best consumer and trade publications, respected for their high quality of content; in person, the largest natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle products trade shows; and online, the leading-edge consumer and trade websites in the natural products industry.

    Our Sunscreens was recently featured in Elle Magazine's 2013 Green Stars where "15 experts share their natural selections for ELLE's seventh annual ranking of the best of green beauty".

    Introducing True’s All Natural Anti-Aging BB Cream True Natural adds an All New, All Natural Anti-Aging BB Cream to their beauty lineup this Spring! This Beauty Balm Cream is a perfect multi-function cream.

    True Natural Anti-aging Rose Line

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    The all new Rose Anti-Aging system provides dry and mature skin with the best care possible. Rose naturally calms and balances your skin. The Rose System features Silver Essence and Evening Primrose Oil which is nourishing, balancing, and helps treat specific skin conditions. The Rose System is completely natural and gluten-free!

    New 2013 True Natural Sun Formulas

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    THINK: All natural, gluten free, 100% mineral based broad spectrum sunscreen with Vegan options. This broad spectrum UV protection sunscreen is biodegradable and free of all synthetics and nano-particles. The non-greasy and clear new 2013 formulas are perfect for everyday use for the whole family.

    WHAT IT IS: TRUE Natural sets the NEW standard for natural sunscreen — providing the purest, chemical free sun and skin care products, safe for both you and the environment. TRUE Natural products are the first ever all natural SPF 50 sun protection and self-tanning products made with 100% renewable biological material. All Sunscreens meet the latest FDA requirements for Broad Spectrum Protection.

    The Evolution of Sunscreen

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    Sun protection has come a long way since the Coppertone girl of the 1950’s. While sun burns then were no doubt as painful and unhealthy as they are today, sunscreen was definitely not viewed as a necessity – that stray bottle every mom had in her beach bag but only broke out after her kids were already burned.

    Well, times have certainly changed. Sun protection is now considered a daily use item because we know that UV rays cause premature aging, skin damage and even cancer. We no longer look at the stuff as something you need use only during a day at the pool or beach. Sunscreen can be found in everything from facial moisturizer to lip balm and is no longer relegated to the bottom of the bag.

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