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    How often should I reapply when swimming?

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    The FDA recommends use of a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating and to reapply sunscreens at least every 2 hours. The True Natural SPF 40 Active is rated Water Resistant (tested to be effective after immersion in water for a period of 40 minutes). The True Natural SPF 50 sunscreens currently have NOT been tested for water resistance.

    Are your products Gluten Free?

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    All ingredients in the SPF 50 sunscreens, Self Tanners and Anti-Aging products are Gluten Free. The olive oil in the SPF 20 & 40 products have not been certified by the vendor as Gluten Free

    True Natural sunscreens are bio-based because zinc oxide, the active ingredient, is a natural mineral that is in effect renewable. All other ingredients are naturally source and renewable. The USDA BioBased testing confirms this and ensures it is not petroleum based (non-renewable).

    How do Self Tanners work?

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    The self tanning lotion utilizes a well known blend of tanning actives that has been proven to work effectively over many years. How do they achieve their purposes? Naturally derived DHA & Erythrulose chemically react with the amino acids on your skin to create a non-toxic brownish pigment called melanoidins, the tan effect. This has been a known affect since the 20's and proven safe of decades of use.

    What do you mean by zero chemicals?

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    Yes, everything under the sun is made up of molecules which have a chemical name. For instance, zinc oxide, a natural mineral, has a chemical formula of ZnO. However, when we talk about chemicals in the natural product world, we mean man-made, synthetic compounds.

    At TRUE Natural we are currently using lemon and orange oils at levels of 0.4% in our sunscreen formulations, well below the IFRA recommendations.

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